A History
of growth

The Novarc group operates in France and elsewhere, and its position is supported by two divisions.

• Since 1993 the ESP division has built a solid business offering leading brands of electrical safety products.

• The PSAI division : serving customers in the automotive and industrial sectors.

NOVARC’s development rests on a foundation of key values. Its name links together two founding ambitions: «NOV» stands for INNOVATION and ARC for an ARCH.

• Innovation means always having the ambition to offer our customers original and effective solutions.
This guarantees they will always be able to work with tools and products to keep up with their needs.

• The ARC is the arch under which we are all gathered together, our staff and especially our customers. It means having the ambition to say to ourselves: TOGETHER WE’LL GO FURTHER

Our areas of expertise
Two divisions, with only one ambition

& commitments

With over 1000 employees from a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds and in a broad range of professions, the Group has been a major player on the national and international stage for more than 20 years, in the fields of absolute electrical safety, vehicle cleaning and renovation.


The NOVARC FOUNDATION endowment fund was set up on 7 August 2017 in order to allow the ever growing Novarc group to get involved in humanitarian projects. The project, initiated by group founder Frédéric CROULLET, was fully approved by all shareholders and partners.

The NOVARC FOUNDATION particularly contributes to programmes aimed at bringing electricity to remote areas of the African continent.

The NOVARC FOUNDATION also offers financial support to projects initiated by group employees, who are themselves involved in humanitarian work.

NOVARC FOUNDATION incarnates the spirit of generosity of the Novarc group, usefully combining growth and sharing.


For the employees who wish to invest assets into their work and share in the performance of the group, NOVARC opened its capital in 2015 and 2018 and will certainly make further such offers in the future. We are proud to be able to say that 40 % of our employees in France are shareholders.

This is an excellent opportunity for all us to share in the fruits of the group’s development and actively participate in the success of the CAP 2020 plan, followed by that of the CAP 2025 plan.

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