An efficient

Our group and its two divisions have created a successful and efficient ecosystem that forms a genuine strategic community of interests.

To support its subsidiaries in their development, the NOVARC group has structured the group with a number of strong, highly competent operational departments:

Working closely with the managers of our different facilities, our HR Department offers advice and support in their strategic decisions, based on our human assets.
Our Department has set up a daily hotline for issues relating to employment law, employee relations, recruitment, training, payroll and strategic workforce planning, and carries out HR studies and analyses.

Operational support and steering of business aspects.

Defines the strategic choices of the group in the area of information technology.
Defines the security policies for the IS.
Recommends IT solutions that are consistent with the needs of users.
Provides information systems, and reliable, efficient and available IT infrastructure.

Control of accounting and financial information and relevant procedures to serve the Novarc group.

A business partner that supports all the employees of the group in business law and intellectual property law, and all the group subsidiaries in the field of company law.

Business support and development, in line with the financial resources and capacity of the group.

Well equipped and fully supported, our subsidiaries are now in a position to operate swiftly with considerable autonomy and freedom of action.

Eco-système Novarc